Monday, August 13, 2007


I just signed up for the freebie version of sitemeter because sometimes I would look at my sitecounter and do a mental head count (me, Marta, Darth Bruce, Trixie, Cory, Chai *and others that come around once in a while ) and sometimes the numbers don't gel. Sitemeter will let me me what state people are from, and how long someone stays. It's all in fun, I'm not trying to be Big Brother, I'm just curious about who comes and reads but doesn't post!

I hope I'm not freakin' anyone out. Please, come in, stay as long as you like. I'm just curious by nature and I love new people. Maybe I'm just plain nosy. I'm not expecting to see a million new people on here....I'm no Snackie, Foo Foo, Anne, or Nytro...all of whom get tons of hits. I just want to know a little more about you all.

So, if you are a lurker or a sometimes visitor, don't be afraid just to say "hi" so I can visit your blog and do the same.

* If I forgot someone, please don't be insulted!


Cory said...

I've thought about doing this before just for fun. Let us know what you think of the sitemeter!

Cindy said...

I just recently found your site - so I'm sort of a lurker. I just this year started blogging and am trying to get in the habit. I found you from Weight of my World. Just saying HI. :-)


JessiferSeabs said...

I have sitemeter too... just the freebie version. It comes in handy sometimes! I read you!

Chai said...

i'm glad you put a link to this on your entry because ihave been wanting something like this know i am here about 10 times a day...i'm an addict...

Moody said...

Hi yourself. :) I've been lurking for a while through bloglines.
So euh, hi!

Jojo said...

Hi Lady! Lurking in from Texas!!!
I like your site(s) and read often!
Left you a little something on my site this morning. Check it out!