Saturday, August 18, 2007

Chicken Pot, Chicken Pot, Chicken Pot Piiiiiiiieeeee!

It's a good thing that my goal for the week is to journal everything and not actually lose weight. You see, I love chicken pot pie*. Chris and I used to get a whole wheat double crusted one that was a measly 5 points. We haven't been able to find those in quite a while, and I've been craving one for about three weeks, so last night I was at the point of desperately needing one and it was cool enough to turn on the stove, so why the hell not? I ran out to the store and grabbed one that bragged of using only white meat, so I grabbed it and ran out. I ate it; it was delicious! I later figured out that it was 25 points. Twenty. Five. Points. I need to find those whole wheat ones....

In other news, I decided that I'm going to use the little purple cool notebook that I originally bought to use. Instead of taking a ruler to it for the points, I'm just putting a check at the end of the line for core, or the points number/flexies left. I had to get it into my head that nothing is going to be absolutely perfect, so why get frustrated.

I wrote recently about going to a tea room and to answer Marta's question: it's like a coffee house excepts it's all about tea, and tea traditions. It's very luxurious. You can have scones with creme fraiche and jam. You can have tea sandwiches that come on toasted bread with the crusts cut off. It's a very girly thing to do and definitely wonderful. We went to Silver Tips Tea Room in Tarrytown, NY. It is fabulous!

*Not as much as I love hotdogs, however.

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totegirl said...

HOLY.FUCK. 25 points? I hate Marie Callander, that scandalous witch! Hope you find the 5 pt. ones soon. I love pot pie too! Yummy!