Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Are you kidding me?

Hello...does that kid really say he plays with his poops in the toilet? Poops? In the toilet? And this is run during the day? Jeezie creezie, people. The first few times I saw this commercial I thought he said "boat" in the toilet. That was scary enough. Where are today's parents? Yikes!

Nothing special going on. I worked today. I'm thinking of telling them I can't come in on Friday, which would give me a 4 day weekend. Nice. Food is going so-so, but 5 o'clock is another hour, and tomorrow is day one of my WW week.

And Chai, no worries. At work I only blog complaints about my weight, and I don't care if they record that. I would blog about training if I were actually participating in any.....(sniffle, sob)

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