Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Day 14, weigh in #2

Official WI: 179.6 A loss of .8 and I am not unhappy. Sometimes the best things take off in a slow manner. I'm determined to have a good week this upcoming week. I've got no pot luck dinners, no cupcakes that I have to make. It's going to be an average, hanging out kind of week...and I'm happy for it.

I think that this is the week that I'm going to starting running again. My allergies are already killing me, so why not be outside more? Plus, the temperature is perfect for me to run in...kind of cool out. And I've got my new iPod shuffle that I've yet to play with....all signs point to "run"!


TrixieBelden said...

Hey there, I think it is awesome you are going to start running again. I wish I was a runner, but I just wasn't built for it. That and the extra 40 lbs. I'm carrying around :)

I tend to let myself have beer once a week. I agree with you that its nice to enjoy a Corona with lime from time to time. I've started getting Sam Adams Light. It doesn't taste like light beer. I know you don't count points, but its only 2 points a bottle instead of 3.

The photos you posted of the library are great! It looks like a beautiful place to work.

Cory said...

That's an awesome loss. Congrats!