Monday, April 16, 2007

Day 12/100

It's time to catch up folks....I didn't quite stay on plan all weekend, but I didn't do too poorly except for the the beer...I did let myself have beer not only Saturday night at my friend's party, but also yesterday when I came home from working at the library. It was a torrential downpour and Corona with lime seemed to be the way to dry off and warm up. And ya know what? It worked.

I'm back to my regular plan. I ate yummy fat free Greek yogurt this morning with Core cereal added to it for current breakfast favorite. I ate multi-grain pasta for lunch with edamame, mushrooms, zucchini, scallions, garlic sauteed in a little olive oil. I'm definitely back on track.

I'm working on a new quilt....well, it's a quilt top that I sewed together 10 years ago and I'm just getting around to quilting it now. I'm finding it to be an interesting project because if I had sew this quilt top more recently, I would not have chosen half of the fabrics that I did. I do like the pattern, though, which is a classic Amish Sunshine and Shadow.

I also am becoming addicted to Work Out on Bravo. Watching that show makes me want to go to the gym and exercise the way I used to when I was actually training for triathlons. The mind is currently willing, but the flesh is weak....and lazy. I have some ideas on how to get some gym time in, but it involves getting up at the crack of dawn and I'm not sure if I'm that dedicated as of yet. I can't even seem to get to the gym consistently when I'm already awake, no less getting up over an hour earlier to get there. Sheesh!

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Kelly said...

We had Monday off of work and I got sucked into a Work Out marathon on Bravo. Now I have my Tivo set up to catch the new episodes. I'm so rooting for their clients.

The quilt is so pretty! Someday I will learn how to quilt.