Sunday, April 29, 2007 25

The last 18 hours have been dieting hell. I left my food journal at work (duh) and so I've been trying to keep track of flexies on a little piece of paper...not as effective. Plus, while Chris was out bike riding with his buddy, Mike, last night, I was attacked by girl scout cookies and almonds. I don't know what happened, but it was almost a frenzy. Well, not so much a frenzy, more like I kept finding myself in the kitchen with cookies in my hand and mouth. There was really no thought process behind it at all. That's the part that sucks.

I guess at this point, the only thing to do is to get back on that wagon and ride into the sunset and just take what the scale says on Wednesday in stride. I can't undo what was done, but I can think of that old WW philosophy about the dozen eggs. It goes something like: If you drop one egg on the floor, you're not going to look at the 11 left and throw them after it. I have to stop and get back on track right away (I'll have to control myself tonight when the really, really good cheese comes out...that might be a story in itself later.)

Added to this is that I still haven't gotten myself to the gym! Not even for a massage or yoga! Can you believe it? I certainly can.....I am a bad, bad girl.

Other than dieting woes, I am trying to get my hobbies organized, which is a joke because nothing about my life at home is organized....but I've got some projects that I want to do and getting organized will help.

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totegirl said...

I hate it when it feels like everything is out of control. Those are the times I wish I could run away from home or run away from myself! But, let me put a positive spin on the cookies and almonds thing. Maybe it will have the same effect as the Wendy Plan, you know, with the one super-high day.

Now, get back on that wagon directly. What else can you do? As long as we're taking 2 steps forward for every step back, then we're still heading in the right direction! That's what I keep telling myself.

You need a vacation from your 57 jobs. When is that happening next? In the meantime, don't stress, just take one organization project at a time. And I'll take my own advice and get organized with you!