Thursday, April 26, 2007

Planning out the week

I love planning out the week, but it seems like I can't really stick to it. Very lame. the only thing that may get sticky this week end is dinner at my in-law, which is always a big to-do. There is always tempting, tempting food. Brie ( other demon, easily partnered with PIGS IN A BLANKET), almonds, rich rich savory dinner food, super dessert. It seems that every time I go, there is no plan that will stick. I'm thinking that I'll have to horde 20 flexies just for that night because it's not exactly Core-ific!

I love my mother-in-law, she is very understanding of my dieting, and she's not putting those wonderful foods out to tempt me...she's putting them out for Chris. Her only child. The man who can eat anything without repercussion. The man who eats a solid 7-9 meals a day.

The other thing I really need to do is start exercising again. I miss it, but I'm also not terribly enthusiastic about starting it up again. It's a weird thing. Maybe I need to break into it slowly...go to yoga tomorrow night like I wanted to. That might be the way to do it. Will I actually get in there? I don't know.

Other than this, things are going okay. I'm in the last quarter of school. I only have one reading report left to write. I do need to start post-testing all the students on May 1st, but that's okay. I like my job and all it's geeky little bits.

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totegirl said...

Yikes, MIL's house sounds like a minefield! So, how did it go and did you make it to yoga?

Congrats on juggling a million jobs! You are like a Jamaican! Are you going to teach a graduate class again?