Sunday, April 22, 2007

Day 18 of 100

Well, things this weekend have not been as uneventful as I had hoped and bragged about earlier this week. I actually went last night to my husband's boss' house to watch Ultimate Fighting Championship which I love. I'm not even ashamed about it. Some women like football, some like baseball, I like mixed martial arts, but I digress. I love Chris' boss and his wife. They are awesome. It doesn't help that they think I should start a bakery. So, in honor of their good taste, I made rocky road cupcakes to bring with us. I made rocky road because I knew I wouldn't be tempted to eat them because it's too much chocolate. (I am not a fan of chocolate cakes and such...blech!) and just so you know, the picture is not of one of my cupcakes...mine are prettier (lol).

Here are the dieting ups and downs:


  1. I made the rocky road cupcakes instead of the cookie dough cupcakes that I've become famous for.

  2. I didn't eat dinner at home because Mrs. Boss has pigs in a blanket every single time I go there and even if I ate dinner first, I would eat pigs in a blanket until I needed stitches in my stomach.


  1. I ate pigs in a blanket for dinner for cryin' out loud!

I'm still doing well otherwise. I'm at the library right now and I brought all Core foods with me...mainly because I am out of flex points. It happens. I'll get over it.

Note: Anyone who also wants to make super awesome cupcakes; I get my recipes from Cupcakes from The Cake Mix Doctor. It is seriously the best cook book I own.

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totegirl said...

Why would you have to be ashamed of being the coolest girl ever? Girls who like sports are my favorite girls in the world! Last night hubby and I went to see local wrestling!

So, yeah, I'll be totally avoiding that cupcake cookbook, thank you very much. Although, cupcakes do make really nice Thanskgiving and Xmas gifts for office mates. Yeah, I'm already thinking about the holidays!

So, good for you for packing the Core stuff. You used your flex points, but that's what they're for! And you enjoyed what you had, which rocks! Last night, if I had cash with me, I would have totally scarfed a sausage wrap or two at the wrestling arena. For once, I was glad to be poor!