Monday, February 05, 2007

Mini mojo

Hey all! I'm feelin' pretty good about my Weight Watchers mojo. I think what really did it for me was how I weighed in at 173.6 (again) at WI yesterday, and how this morning my scale read 178. Yeah, the Superbowl did me in. Chris and I went to a party where the hostess made the best pork ribs I've ever had. Let me repeat. Best. Ribs. Evah! I'm going to assume that most of that is in the digestion process, so I'm not going to cry too much. What I am going to do is be very careful this week so that those ribs don't take their toll.

Despite this amazing scale-related discovery this morning, I forgot to eat breakfast and bought a multi-grain bagel from Starbucks. Not as good as eating my high fiber cereal, but certainly better than a muffin or cinnamon bun....right?


Cory said...

You'll make a good comeback this week. Even if it wasn't perfect, you did good on breakfast this morning.

totegirl said...

It's WAY better than a muffin or cinnamon bun! Way to go on that one!

We all know that's not real weight gain, so yeah, if you get right back on plan, the # will normalize. I'm pissed because before the bread and "champagne" and m&m's, I was sure I was on my way to 168. But alas, there's always next week.

I know you are way to busy to have a "no processed food" week with me, but how about we just take it one day at a time and have a perfect WW week. We need to get serious about our Challenge!