Monday, February 19, 2007


God bless those dead presidents! I love having this week off from work. Although, I've got a ton of National Board work to do, but if I keep to about an hour or so a day, and not even necessarily in a row, I might not drive myself completely insane...right?

I brave weigh in yesterday and I'm at 178.6 (I think...could be .4, but I'm unsure) so it's back to the core drawing board for me, but I'm okay with that. For example, went to SOBs for lunch today...I made polenta chips to eat with the salsa, ate black bean soup for lunch (yummy) and I was happy and completely on core. I didn't even have a crack-a-rita. I'm gonna save those for special occasions...don't want them to lose their "umph!" as it were.

I've been watching tons of movies (especially horror) recently even since I got my Blockbuster card re-entered. In the last week I've seen: An American Haunting, Silent Hill, Grudge 2, Running with Scissors, and Lady in the Water. I don't usually watch movies, but something has got me hooked lately. If I can just keep my hands off of gummy bears and malt balls, I'll be okay. (I'm kidding, I don't have any candy in the house!)

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Cory said...

I'm so jealous! A week off!!! Try not to work too much.