Friday, February 09, 2007

Can I get a "whut whut"

Well, things at work have finally come to a head, and I did not come out smelling like a rose. Those of you whom I actually email with who want details, just email me and I will tell you a basic story that ends in an ugly but beneficial way. I'm actually feeling serene, despite the fact that my ass was almost handed to me. As a result, I'm going to totally focus my efforts toward weight loss, video games, teaching reading (to HS students and grad students) and quite possible tri training, which would make the title of my blog accurate once again.

I am sleeping in tomorrow, going to buy fresh fruit, and a little grocery shopping, and I will begin Core full force on Monday, along with a half-assed tri program, dependant on how peeved I am with myself once I'm totally sober. (I went for drinks with 2 guys from work who are totally awesome...we are like the only 3 people who work down county, so we have "down county happy hour" complete with crack-a-ritas...everyone else goes to a townie bar in the next county up. I like to think we have more fun!)

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