Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Early bird gets the worm. But what about the early worm?

I still love the suject-o-matique on Yahoo. It's all good fun.

Tonight was my WW meeting. Lost 2 pounds this week, which I attribute to running and almost follwing plan. By almost I mean that I followed plan but for dinner on Friday and Sunday nights, I didn't. I figure I ate all (if not more) of my flexies on those nights. Any extranious points used during the weekdays were APs. I don't know if that'll work for me this upcoming WW week, but we'll see.

I think I'm going to treat myself to a massage this weekend. I haven't had one in a while and I think that I deserve one...between the actually running a bunch of times and I'm a little sore. Friday is payday, and I think I can scrape the money together.

Despite running and getting to the gym (did I mention that? I don't think so) I have been having trouble sleeping. Chris, my evil husband, thinks it's entertaining to make noise so that I freak out while half asleep. He doesn't do this often, but did it to me the other night. In my half asleep stupor, I think I threatened to kill everyone in the world. I am not a night person. So, as a result, let me apologize for threatening to kill you all. Sorry about that, I was half asleep. I'm hoping to get in a solid 7-8 hours tonight.

Also, the stereo in my Subaru decided to stay on forever. I can't turn the channel, I can't control the volume, it won't take CDs. Even when I turn off the car, the digital screen stays on. Subaru is going to replace the whole thing, but in the mean time I have to listen to 1010 Wins at a medium volume.

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TrixieBelden said...

congrats on the 2 lb. loss! that's great!

sorry to hear about your car stereo. 1010 WINS isn't so bad. you can pretend your a cab driver in manhattan. :)

hey, how was the massage?