Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Deadly week

I'd like to start by asking, "Where the hell did the week go?" I was going to post on Sunday while I was working at the library, except the security guard decided not to do any rounds and just sit at my desk and use the other computer. I didn't feel comfortable writing in my blog with him looking over my shoulder every 5 minutes. I hate that. It makes me feel ooky.

I haven't been following core this week. I think about 3/4 of my meals have been core. Better than nothing, and I refuse to get bent out of shape about it. Next week is a new week, and it's not as if I've been shoving food into my cake hole. I'm fine with it. It's mostly done. Whatever. Tomorrow night is weigh in and we'll see what happens.

Today I took Reuben for a nice walk. We usually don't go for walks. Usually he runs around my parents back yard with their dog, Una. I was happy that I got him out. He got to meet 2 dogs. One was a little beagle whose owner was worried about the size difference between them. When I told her that Reu's new best friend is Rascal, the mini dachshund who lives next door she was relieved. The other dog was Jake, who came bounding at us from across the street. Unleashed dogs make me uneasy. I don't know if I've explained Reu's situation completely. Reuben suffers from OCD and anxiety. He's on anxiety meds. He's not terrible good at meeting new people, unless they have dogs with them. It could be that people who have dogs just exude dog confidence, or that Reuben is distracted by the possibility of a new buddy. Who knows. Not me. So, I've got this strange dog running at us at full speed. Although Reuben likes most dogs, he doesn't like all dogs, and this very well could be one that he will not like. The strange dog's mom is yelling, "Jaaaaaaake, noooooooooo". Reuben has his hackles up. I'm putting myself in between the 2 yelling, "Is your dog friendly?" Jake was very friendly. Reuben was not exactly happy with Jake, but he didn't growl or show teeth either. I think he was put off by the fact that Jake came bounding out of no where. Now we're sitting on the couch, I'm typing, Reuben is asleep ( a result of over-stimulation: mental, physical and anxiety).

Ooooh, one last thing. I finally made it to the gym yesterday and I plan to go tomorrow, too! Woohoo for me!

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Anonymous said...

First, thanks for visiting the blog way back when. I'm a bad, bad blogger for not coming over sooner. [slaps own hand] I tend to neglect my weight loss blog when I have a bad week.

Second, girl, this weight loss roller coaster stinks! But I just wanted to come over and cheer ya on! Good luck getting to your goal!