Saturday, October 13, 2007

Save some funk for Sunday

I love Yahoo's subject-o-matique. It's a title lifesaver for me at times.

So, whooo, I haven't been here in nearly a week! I haven't exactly had blogger time this past week. The English teacher at my school was out until Friday afternoon, so either I was teaching English (I have the license, so I might as well pitch in) or helping the sub by giving her the class plans, removing disruptive kids, teaching the harder classes for her (there's no teacher aid to help out). Plus, I was doing my own job as best I could. I was keeping appointments with my scheduled reading students, plus, I was asked to write an unofficial reading report at the last minute. Yikes! It all got done...the district was happy with the reading information, determined they wanted him to get one to one reading and they are now paying my school extra for reading services. The kid is happy, the district is happy, and my school's billing office is happy.

I also re-entered my gym a couple of times this past week and I went running twice. I am a maniac....actually, that 's not true. I decided to stop worrying about nonsense and I decided to start training for the Webster Lake Danskin Tri that is held in July. I haven't done it in 2 years, and I figure if I focus on training for that I'll a) have time to sort things out mentally as I run...and that's when I do some really great thinking and b)I'll fall asleep quicker at night and won't have time to worry about useless things. It seems to be working.

So, between being tired from work, and then hitting the gym or trail, I have been too exhausted to do anything!


Brigitte said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. You have some amazing photos.

TrixieBelden said...

You are amazing - you worked out even with all that stuff going on at work! I am so impressed. I am a bump on a log compared to you. I think it is great you are going to start training for the tri in july! hey, that rhymed :) seriously, i think you'll be really motivated by that as a goal. bravo!

totegirl said...

Color me completely awed by you! It sucks to be so completely swamped, but it also rocks to know that you can do anything, if you really need to. Does that make sense? I am not so good with these word-things.

Suffice it to say, YOU RULE!