Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'm NOT fat...that's my money belt

I'm still loving the suject-o-matique!

I am so incredibly happy...I was part of a multi-family tag sale today and I sold the ugly man-chair! The man-chair was a beige recliner that Chris got for free when he was working as a mover right out of college. It was a very comfortable chair, just bulky and ugly. I got $20 for it...Chris got 6 or 7 good years out of it (for free no less) and we made $20. Nice.

My ear has been bothering me as of late. It's just a tad achy, not painful, just achy. I've been trying to do something with my congestion, but it's slow going. Plus, now I'm achy from helping Chris carry the recliner down the stairs in our 2nd floor appointment and wiggle it into my car. It's worth it considering I don't have to look at that thing anymore.

Tomorrow I have to work at the library, plus stop by the day two of the tag sale...I think I only have about 5 things left to sell. I'd like to get that massage that I promised myself and I'd like to go for a run. Pretty big day for a Sunday!


TrixieBelden said...

Please go to the doctor and get your ear checked out. I'm sure it's nothing, but I just got an email about a family friend who got an eye infection earlier in the month and has now been hospitalized for a week with all sorts of drastic complications. I'm sure your ear is fine, but I'd rather you be safe than sorry. (Sorry to be such an alarmist.)

Living to Feel Good said...

Try taking vitamin c for the ear. It drains the ear if it's plugged up and helps prevent ear infection.

Okay I just read a comment you left for Cory...I didn't know you played WOW. My husband just got rid of his account today because he was addicted to it. It literally consumed his whole life. Last Christmas I remember he couldn't go anywhere till his night elf or whatever cleared level 60. I hated it hahaha. Did you do all the Halloween stuff they have going on there this week? I don't know all of it, but he had me come and look at his pet pumpkin, and he had a pumpkin on his characters head. He said you can eat candy, and if you eat two you throw up, but one gives you a sugar rush and makes you faster. I think that stuff is cool, but man people really get addicted to it.