Monday, October 22, 2007

World of Warcraft is taking over!

I can not believe that I just saw a World of Warcraft reference on How I Met Your Mother. How awesome is that? Makes me want to "suit up" plate for level 46 of course. Earlier this month it was reference on The Big Bang Theory. And who could forget South Park's "Make Love Not Warcraft" episode? Not me!


Living to Feel Good said...

Loved South Parks version, and I too caught it on The Big Bang Theory. I actually taped it, so my husband could catch that intro on another day.

I am impressed you have such will power. I only know a couple people who play it, but they don't have will power like you.

Way to go on the workout! Enjoy your wine! :)

Cory said...

It is amazing how it seems to be all the rage again. I went a long time barely hearing anything in relation to WOW (although for a while it's all the guys at work talked about!).
I'll still probably never play though. It looks cool and all, but I'm not really one to sit in front of the computer to game. (Except to keep my character sheets and spell references!)