Thursday, July 12, 2007

Schatz and Giggles

My mom and I went looking for houses for shits and giggles today with an agent named Schatz, so we've been saying "for Schatz and giggles"...but we might have found a house. Chris went with the agent this even while I got us pre-approved for a hefty mortgage. We know someone has made an accepted offer, but we also know they are giving the owners a hard time, too. If Chris likes it, we want to have all of our duckies in a row to pounce if we can. It more than likely will not work out, but hey, who knows? At least we'll be ready if this one does, or if we find the perfect house in the future....right?

1 comment:

totegirl said...

Wow, this is crazy exciting! I know buying a home is super-stressful, so I wish nothing but smooth sailing for you and Chris.