Monday, July 09, 2007

The road to Hell is paved...

with good intentions.

The wedding was a ton of fun. I didn't do tons of damage, but I did eat 2 zeppoli (?) and I did drink a couple of gin and tonics (which make me crazy, but that's a different post). The down side is that I didn't go running yesterday because I wasn't feeling well in the afternoon. (It was not a hang over...I was stone cold sober by the time dinner came at the wedding and I was the designated driver!) And today, I didn't go running this morning, I can't go out now because it's 94 and humid and I don't need an asthma attack. I'd go later when it cool off, but I'm teaching. I think today is a bust.



Darth Julie said...

"This is a very sad song. It's about Portuguese cheese standing alone, and the river runs red with port wine tears."

totegirl said...

Damn mama! What a weekend we had! Oh well, back to the grind, huh? Yay!