Thursday, July 26, 2007

Reuben the Gray

Reuben, who is anxious by nature and by lack of nurture when he was in the pet store, has been extra anxious and OCD as of late. He's been turning a lot before lying the point that he pushed all the bed clothes off of my brother bed yesterday. I know exactly why it's's been so hot 'round these parts that he isn't getting enough exercise. He opts to lie down and veg. Me, too, to be honest.

So today, I took Reuben down to the river to swim, which is his favorite activity. I keep him on an extendable leash because if I didn't and he caught sight of a goose or a duck, I'd never see him again. He'd be across the Hudson in no time flat!

Anyway, I let him take the lead and we stayed in the water for 15 or 2o minutes...after that he swam towards shore. It was a combination of tired and filled with sea weed (which might be his favorite food...he loves to snatch it up while he swims) Once we got out, he got the bath of shame, pet by Lisa , rubbed dry and then into the car. Once we got back to the apartment, he couldn't keep his eyes open, no matter how hard he tried.

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totegirl said...

Aww cutie Reuben! I love it when they can't keep their eyes open no matter what. Too cute!