Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blasted outta the water

Well, my planned work outs were destroyed today. I was planning on a nice leisurely run, but when I turned on the television to see the weather report and there was an Air Quality warning for those with bronchial issues. I'd run in an advisory, but not in a warning. That's asking for asthmatic bronchitis or just an attack. Not fun. So then I got to work on some other stuff figuring I'd go for a swim or a bike ride...and then what happens? Thunder storms and flash floods. Oh, good times. So I had to take the day off. Jeez. I guess that tomorrow I will have to double up...weights and cardio. I might have to get up extra early to get a run in...I'm not looking forward to that.

Other than it being super hot (for NY) and super humid, and my being super uncomfortable in an asthmatic sense, I'm doing okay. I have been tracking all my food like a good little core girl. I'm hoping this takes this time.


Cory said...

Sorry you missed your workout! But I'm also glad you had the good sense not to go out with that warning.

Jaffe said...

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