Sunday, June 03, 2007

Day 60

It's day 60, at least according to my calendar where I wrote a number every 10 days when I was planning out this 30 in 100 thing. It's so frustrating to know exactly how to do the core program, and really enjoy the food, and still not be able to stick to it. Wednesday was weigh-in, I lost 2 pounds. It was also Chris' birthday, and since then I've been on a downward spiral. It has a lot to do with cheese. It usually does.

For Chris' birthday, I made a very nice cheese platter. It was also incredibly tasty...there's nothing like expensive, stinky cheese to make one happy. Especially with a nice glass of red wine. Thursday, I had a decent time with breakfast and lunch, but went to a BBQ after lunch and ate chips and dip. I had to leave to work at the library and the hostess packed me a small container of pasta salad that was very tasty, and filled with cheese. Friday night, my parents had a BBQ to celebrate Chris' birthday, and although the dinner was pretty healthy (although, not core) the dessert was killer. I brought the dessert. It was a cannoli chips and dip. You see, a bakery a few towns away had a marvelous idea. They use cannoli pastry to make triangle shaped "chips" and dribble chocolate and powdered sugar over them. Then they give you a giant container of cannoli filling in which to dip the "chips". My brother's girlfriend, Aimee, is one of those people I tend to admire when it comes to food...she's very slim and athletic, and really watches what she eats and how much of it...she was the first and second person to eat the dessert. I've never seen anyone move so fast toward a food item. She was in heaven, remarking how ingenious this was and how someone should have invented it years ago. It was that damn good.

Yesterday, I was attacked by leftover cheese and some Mike's Hard (not even the light versions) I did resolve to make today a better day. I made myself a quinoa salad with black beans, mango, onion, a lot of lime juice and a little olive oil. I'm feeling back on track. We're going to have to see where this train takes me, because I'm unsure at the moment.


Cory said...

Congrats on the loss! That's great.

TrixieBelden said...

An old friend used to have a question she'd ask when the conversation would lull at a bar ... if you could only eat 3 cheeses for the rest of your life, which ones would they be? Today I'd have to say feta, goat cheese and monterey jack. But tomorrow I might have a different answer. Bottom-line ... I feel your pain.