Monday, June 25, 2007

A new beginning


Today was officially the first day of summer vacation (aside from teaching graduate school) and I was a good girl. I let myself sleep in a little bit, but then I got up, ran for 20 minutes, walked another 10, and then went to the gym and lifted weights. I feel really good about getting this done. Tomorrow I don't work at all. I'm hoping to get a nice bike ride in tomorrow and then a relaxing dip at the pool (no laps). That depends on the weather.

A massage is in order sometime this week. I earned it by not tearing the head off of my crazy co-worker during the last week of school when she screwed up (another) state testing situation, and did nothing to help anyone do anything for our department's state exam (English/Reading). I maintained by composure through her idiocy, her shirking work, and lastly her email to me saying she was glad that "we patched thing up", which is funny because I'm the one who apologized for calling her a "poopyhead"...literally a poopyhead...she *never* apologized for calling me "that f*cking bitch" behind my back and just "Bitch" to my face. Thankfully, she was transferred to another program because another reading teacher retired....ugh. Sorry about the rant. I deserve a massage!

Tomorrow is another day of fun!


TrixieBelden said...

wow, you definitely deserve a massage!

Chai said...

i still can't believe you had to work this DO dserve a massage...