Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's the new year, already?

What gives?

Things are going fine here in Alanna-land. I've discovered that I can't just throw myself on the bike trainer and expect to knock out a 30 minute ride. I am out of shape. Unbelievably out of shape. To remedy this, I'm going to start tri training again (so this blog will be aptly names on some days) and my friend and long distance training partner, Amazon Hil, and I will be training for a half marathon together. Granted, she lives more than 2 hours away, but we'll be keeping each other up to day on my other blog Amazon Strength. So all is well in the work out planning world. I bought a new training diary that has space for more than biking, running, and swimming. It has areas for notes, strength training, and meditation-related exercise (yoga, pilates). It's more user friendly than my old tri training log, which was monotinous...bike, run, swim, bike run, swim....God forbid you did something out of the bos like hiking, rock climbing, or yoga. Yikes!

And the food front, so far, so good. Thank goodness ham is a core food, but I don't think a third of a pound of ham is actually that good for me, but that's what I had as part of my dinner. God, I love ham. ("That's f-in' good ham, Mom"...followed up of course by a good old, "The ocean Bob? Bobby, you don't know anyone in the ocean." I think I'm done with my Kids in the Hall moment.....


Cory said...

It's great that you have a work out partner. What training diary do you have? I have been thinking of getting one, and that one sounds kinda neat.

Darth Julie said...

What gives, indeed. Where the F is the snow????!!!!???