Friday, January 19, 2007

Snow, finally!

It finally snowed here. Not enough for a snow day or even a school delay, but I don't care. I just love the snow! The down side is that many of the students who go to my school elected to stay home, which makes for a boring day. I'm sure things will get interesting around here, because they always, always do. It's just that with out the students, things can be dull. Yeah, I like my career choice.

I'm still doing well with food. I think that the fact that I was sick all last week is going to have an effect on my weight loss, if any, this week. I think my body was trying to make up for lost calories because I was basically starving myself last week...I had no appetite because of the respiratory infection I had. I'm pretty sure I'll at least maintain. The big hurdle is that Chris wants to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. I'm going to want at least one margarita. They are 7 points each. That's a stiff drink. I have the flexies for it, and I guess I could eat really clean tomorrow. Plus, I could get black bean soup for dinner (core) and make polenta chips (core) to bring with me to eat instead of the tortilla chips. I'm not worried about the food at all, it's the frozen margaritas. I'm going to have to volunteer to be designated because I'll definitely stop at one. I suppose it'll have to work.

I'm secretly hoping that I do lose weight this week and that I get under 170 so I'll be that much closer to completely Phase 1 of the Next 10 Challenge. I'm psyched!

I think I'm good for now, no more beans to spill at the moment. All is well.

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totegirl said...

ha ha! I'd be praying for the kids to stay home!

So, crackaritas, huh? Well, if you have the WPA, then do it! YUMMY!