Thursday, March 06, 2008

So, yeah

I am totally a terrible blogger. I would like to use the excuse that I'm too tired and have been too busy to hang out...but it would be a total lie. I'm too lazy. Not lazy enough to not read your blogs...I have been..but too lazy to write anything. Shame on me. In order to run through my updates, I might have to do it list style.

  1. We bought a house. We saw it, we bought it. We closed in a week. It was a for sale by owner and the lady selling it (for her mother who is now in a nursing home) needed to be rid of it before the bank foreclosed. It was a sad situation, but she was happy that we were buying it and that the bank wasn't going to get their hands on it. She told me that it warmed her heart to know that a new family was moving in instead of a contractor flipping it. It is a bit of a fixer-upper...but no structural repairs are needed. I'll post pictures soon. I have them, I just haven't uploaded them.
  2. The baby is doing well. I got for "the big" ultrasound next Friday where the doc looks at the heart and lungs and all those important parts to make sure everything is growing the way it should. I'm confident that it will go well enough...after all whenever I go for a Doppler or a regular ultra sound the baby is swimming and kicking. The only issue is that Chris might have jury duty, but we're working on that. He has a copy of the 'script and of my appointment confirmation. Hopefully that will take care of it.
  3. Work is going well. I still love my job. I think that 3 of the kids have realized that I'm pregnant. Half the fun is waiting to see which kids figure it out. I'm thinking of making a betting pool. Maybe like the Dead Pool, but with a better name. Maybe the "Duh Pool"
  4. I saw crazy co-worker today, who is due around the same time I am but will probably go earlier because she is carrying twins. During our department meeting she looked like she was going to cry the entire time. She does not look happy. In fact, I'd venture to say that she looks miserable. Afterwards, when the new teacher remarked on her belly, Crazy immediately blurted out "Alanna has one, too" because she doesn't want any attention to any belly. In fact, the rumor is that she's been telling people that she only eats one meal a day so she'll only get a bubble and not a real belly. Yeah, she's like that.
  5. I've been treating myself to massages on my teaching payday. It rocks. Since I've gotten pregnant, my left hip aches and the massages really help. It usually keeps the ache away for almost the entire 2 weeks between massages.

I think that's it. Number 5 was not actually a real update, but I threw it in there because tomorrow is payday so I have a massage appointment and I'm psyched.

I promise that I will be better about blogging. I've got to stop being so scratchin' lazy!

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totegirl said...

Holy damn! I'm so excited about the house! I guess it's true that you just know upon sight, huh? OMG, I am so happy for you!

As for Crazy Co-Worker (CCW), what a freak. I can't believe she would compromise the health of her twins for vanity's sake. Sad.

I'm with you on the massage. My treat will be to get a 10-minute chair massage and to get my face waxed on every pay day. Yay!