Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Quilting Mistake!

I finally got around to cutting the fabric for the baby's quilt...I probably should have done this weeks ago or I should have set up a table to cut on. My belly did not cooperate while crawling around on the floor trying to cut enough pieces to at least get me started.
In the new house, I will definitely have a cutting station, because this stank....

And just for fun, a gratuitous picture of Chris and Reuben.


Sarah said...

I remember making 2 baby quilts while pregnant for a couple of friends. It certainly presented new challenges. The hardest part was putting the whole thing together on the floor at the end. I felt like I was working against the clock. The bigger I got the harder it was. Enjoy your time, each stage is so exciting!

totegirl said...

Man, that does stink. But it looks like you got all the squares cut! Hooray!

So, in the new place, will you have a crafts room? I swear, when my child finally moves out, his room will become my crafting/exercise room! He can sleep in the library when he comes to visit!

Reuben is seriously adorable. He just melts my heart! Why?! Man, your hubby just crashed out, huh?! Cute pictures!

Amazon Alanna said...

Sarah, that has got to be the cutest pic ever that you're using as your avator!

Marta...the room we've designated as the "family room" is big enought to have my sewing table and other fun things like that in it. As for Chris crashing out on the couch, I pray every day that this kid get it's father's sleep habit...he can sleep at any time of day and still go to bed at a decent hour and fall asleep. It's astounding!

Sarah said...

Thanks! My grandma made us matching knit hats. Ian has outgrown his, but mine still fits! I'll have to ask her for another for Ian.