Sunday, February 24, 2008

Various Items of Interest (to me)

We finally had a fairly big snow in my part of New York on Friday. It snowed a minimum of 6 inches...which is fabulous. There was a enough snow so that Rascal, Reuben's new best friend, had to hop around in the snow. But what can he expect? He's a mini daschund. Very cute to watch. Unfortunately, no pics of that.

Here is my car all covered in snow. A little advice for those of you who don't do so already...if you put your wipers up before it snows the windshield is easier to clean off...and the added benefit is that if there is ice under that snow, you won't tear the delicate rubber off of the blades. Learned that trick from my dad.

Handsome Reuben in a snowy close-up.

Another beautiful Reu pic.

I might have more to share in the next few days...keep your fingers crossed!


TrixieBelden said...

I miss snow. Your place looks beautiful and well, I am a sucker for all dogs. Go Reuben!

totegirl said...

I love that Reu! What a sweetie! But I sure do NOT miss snow.

Hey, thanks so much for being so damn sweet. I really appreciate it. You RULE!