Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

My weekend started out crappy due to the ultrasound place canceling my appointment about an hour before I was supposed to go. This after I had to beg and plead them last week to fax an appointment confirmation to Chris so he could get out of jury duty to come with me because this is the "big" ultrasound. Chris was released from jury so he can come with me to the reschedule there is that.

Saturday was a great time. Chris' band played on Saturday night. The crowd that showed up was huge. Very cool. The band is comprised of his step-dad, his step dad's childhood friend (he's been playing in bars with them since he was 16) and a local fireman.
Fireman and Chris' step-dad rockin' out.
Chris' step-dad beltin' out "Whipping Post". The man can sing!
Chris' step-dad and fireman doing a little Doors.
Chris and his step-dad's childhood friend.
Chris and his dad.


totegirl said...

SWEET! How fun! Don't be jealous of SXSW, because I wish you had been there with me!

Sorry about your ultrasound. Sucks. I remember mine, but unfortunately, I was young and careless and I lost the picture. Booo! Can't wait to see yours! You are going to show us, right?

Love, Auntie Marta.

Amazon Alanna said...

Aaaw...thanks Auntie Marta! We would have rocked out hard...well I would have to the best of my ability at this point. :)

I will totally post a pic of the ultrasound if at all possible.