Wednesday, March 19, 2008

20th Week of the Schmoo

I promised Auntie Marta that I would post about my ultrasound. I haven't gotten the blood work back, but the tech told me the heart rate is excellent...the heart has 4 chambers, I saw the brain, the spine, 2 hands, and 2 feet. The funny thing is the tech needed the baby to open its hands but the baby wouldn't. It had its hands on the sides of its face, so she jiggled my belly. The baby then crossed its arms in front of its face. She jiggled the baby put its hand behind its head. Too strange. The tech made me go eat a Twix bar and come back. When we continued the ultrasound the baby was playing with its feet...which made the tech laugh out loud.
I have to say...ultrasounds are super cool. The baby was moving its mouth while we were watching...I never would have expected that. I thought leg twitches and arm movement, but to see it moving its little mouth? Unbelievable.
I go to my regular doctor on Monday to talk about the ultrasound measurements and the blood work. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all looks good. The baby looked good to me, but what do I know?


Chai said...

beautiful...ultra sounds are amazing...i still remember seeing kiddo's face for the first time...still makes me love love beautiful

totegirl said...

WIDDLE BABY! Aw, such a sweet little face! I love Schmoo!

How exciting! I'm so happy!

Brigitte said...

Sooooo cute.