Friday, April 04, 2008

The Quickening

I feel as if my organs have come to life and throw the occasional party in my abdomen...not a kegger; it's more like a small family BBQ or something of that nature. A little whiffle ball, a bit of swimming...that sort of thing. Low key.

I've been having strange weight trouble since getting pregnant. It seems like some months I can help but gain 6 or 7 pounds, and then other months I have trouble putting on one pound. My doctors think it's funny...I'm not laughing. It seems like the months I really try to eat right are the months that I gain the most! Then the months where I eat without over thinking it, I stay the same when I weight myself at home. How bizarre. Did any of you moms out there have that experience?

I have other fun friend, Amazon Hill, is going to be moving back home at the end of May when she graduates with her Masters in Education. So my training partner of old will be back. We have running plans for the fall that involve the two of us, plus a running stroller. We're amped. I saw her this past weekend because she came down for Mudders and Grunters, which is an awesome cross country race that involves running through the woods, marshes and a stream. I have pics and a short video that I have to post to our old blog Amazon Strength (a blog that we'll be taking up again come May and we can do fun outside stuff again like kayak!)


Sarah said...

I lost 12 pounds my first trimester because I was sick. in total I gained back the 12 plus 20 more in the last 2 trimesters. Then while nursing (14 months) I could not keep weight on. I ate a ton. I am now having trouble getting back to a normal eating schedule. I still want to eat for 2! I guess we will just have to have another =)

totegirl said...

MORE PLEASE! Love you girly!