Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I'm am going a little nuts at the moment, but it should all end shortly, thank God. I'll be sharing all about that once all the piece fall into place...there is a chance that none of the pieces will fall into place, and I'll report out regardless of the end results. I feel as if I'm juggling 3 things at the moment...two of which are intense and one is just plain fun, but the timing has to be just right.

On the Weight Watchers front, I'm thinking about giving the 30 pounds in 100 days challenge again. Tomorrow will be day one of 100 in and we'll see how it goes. I can't ask for anything more. My starting weight is's an official WW weight.

Me and my freaky, stressed out, bride-of-Frankenstein haired self will be back tomorrow (I hope!)


totegirl said...

What the hell? How can you tease like that? Damn it woman, now how will I sleep tonight?

Just kidding. Off to bed. Don't wait too long to post, though, because I will start hounding you!

Cory said...

Evil tease! Hope things go well and you have awesomeness to report to us!
Good luck with the 30 in 100.

Chai said...

wow , maybe it is something n the air.....