Saturday, November 03, 2007

Secret present!

I decided I'm going to post about the secret project that I made for my friend, CA, who is having a baby at the end of December. I can see about 10 different mistakes in the Tigger quilt, but the baby ain't gonna care. All the baby will know is that Aunt Alanna loves it to death!

It's actually the first quilt that I have ever made from beginning to end on my sewing at the very least, it was a learning experience. For example...flannel stretches easier than regular cotton. Who knew?

I think I'm going back to sock monkeys for a little while...I love I owe my friend, Collette, a sock monkey for her 2 year old daughter.


Cory said...

Awesome quilt! And it really is amazing how some material acts differently than you thought it would once you start working with it. I think you did a terrific job.

TrixieBelden said...

Oh it is beautiful. I gotta start making quilts again. You are inspiring me!