Thursday, November 29, 2007


I can't believe that this is my three hundred and first entry into this blog...Hooray!

I'm at work at Job #2: The Library...and I'm a tad bored. I'm at the check-out desk for the first time in 5 months. Reference took over the information desk, which is fine. I have more leeway with the computer at the check-out in- I don't have to sneak using it for personal matters like this blog. I'm actually allowed to use the computer here because patrons can't see what I'm doing. I should be reading my Stephen King book (The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla), but I'm too tired to really focus for long periods of time.

You know, I have been totally beat this week...I'm sure it's residual stress from the whole house debacle. I got home from job #1: The School today and took an hour long nap before getting up, and I'm still a bit tired...but I get off from work in less than an hour and I can dive right into my jammies. No problem. I'm just thankful that tomorrow is not only Friday, but it's I'm going to take a trip to the nearest JoAnn Fabrics to spend a bit o' cash.

Food hasn't been great today. I've been eating lots of fruit...and that's all I've really wanted to eat for the past few days...which is not I made myself get something with some fat in it. I got a soup-bread-bowl from Panera and it was a delicious treat. I didn't' even eat most of the bread, so I refuse to feel guilty.

Other than this drivel, there is nothing going on. Hope all of you are well!

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totegirl said...

OMG I just read yesterday's post. That's the suck. I'm so sorry, my above-water friend. What is it about family that they can get away with the craziest shit ever?

I hope retail therapy helps. I just went to JoAnn yesterday! I made a necklace for my sister-in-law on hubby's side. Fun!

Glad you got a motivated student. Is there anything more rewarding than helping someone who wants your help? Not too many more things, anyway!