Saturday, November 17, 2007

Reuben the spoiled

Did I ever tell you all where my dog sleeps at night? Yeah, on the bed and under the covers. Every person I have ever met that has a weimaraner have snuggly dogs who sleep under the covers....I guess it's a weim thing.
And yes, there are sock monkeys on my sheets.


Living to Feel Good said...

Very cute!! And I'm a sock monkey fan too. :)
Okay I just read your previous post, and I saw the magic words...Madison Square Gardens, and then I scrolled up and saw you live in NY. OMG I am so jealous!! If David and I didn't live here in Southern California, it would be NY. If we could afford it, I think we would move there. I miss NY so much. So so much. Sigh. This time of the year is my favorite time to visit.
So how fun was VH? DLR wasn't as crazy on the stage as I thought he would be. He seemed really mellow in the video, and that microphone is funny! I haven't seen him in a couple years (not in person) and when I did he still had nasty hair, I see it's clean cut now.
BTW we are watching the Rangers game right now. Do you like hockey? We got the feed, so we could watch every Rangers game. Rangers are #1, and then we like our locals The Kings. Anyway....:)

Christine said...

A beautiful dog! My husband has always wanted one of these - I can see that they really have a personality. :)

Cory said...

Beautiful dog. Awesome sheets!