Monday, July 17, 2006

July 17

Well, this is what I gave myself for my birthday:

I did a short run, of about 16 minutes die to time constraints and the fact that I haven't run in 3 months. Oh, and by the time I was running, it was about 90 degrees out.

I'm not having the best birthday ever, but certainly one of the strangest. I ran, I had to run an errand because my baby brother forgot to do a work related item, I worked at the snack bar of a yacht club my mother is manager of. She's on vacation , along with some of the snackbar workers. At the pool, it was 103 degrees in the sun. Which means in the snack bar, it was at least 108. At least.
I think I have some heat issues going on as I've got a head ache I can't get rid of.

I'm waiting now for my husband to get home to see what kind of take out we should get for dinner. I'm not cooking and I've got 2 very good reasons.
  1. It's my birthday.
  2. It's 100 degrees out!

I'll check you all tomorrow. I'm not sure what Amazonian adventure I'm going to plan for myself tomorrow afternoon, but I'm going to do something. It's my birthday gift to myself, health. It takes work!

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Darth Julie said...

bleah, i can't believe you ran at all. it was 98 degrees at 6:15 pm yesterday.