Thursday, July 13, 2006

Falling to Pieces

I am currently falling apart a little bit. I am having such a stressful time at work with a co-worker who is slowly, but surely, unraveling. That alone is stressful to watch, but the kicker is...she blames me. She claims I'm making her look bad. I've done nothing. It's her over reactions in front of other co-workers (including administrators) that is making her look bad.

Personally, I don't care if she likes me or hates me. I get paid to teach reading, not to win teacher of the year. What's killing me is how horrible it must feel to believe that people are out to get you. That people are purposely trying to devastate your career. It has to hurt so much. I can't help but put myself into her shoes. Frankly, it's giving me unsettling dreams. I've got to stop caring so much. I have to stop being sympathetic because I'm her scapegoat and I have to move away from the whole situation. Leave it behind me and not look back.



Melissa said...


Thanks for the comment in my blog. Yes, I am familiar with the Dr. P. veggie burgers ... love them! There have been some concerns over the accuracy of their nutritional information, so I've been holding off on eating them for now. I've mostly been sticking with the Morningstar Farm products for now.

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Shaunta said...

HUGS...ooooh Alanna...that sucks. AND Happy Birthday, Baby!!!