Thursday, May 11, 2006

Yeah, so what?

Okay, it's not that I'm being lazy (well maybe a little) but I did post this on the Amazon blog...but I liked it...and if you read this blog, you may or may not read the other....sorry to those who do....but I don't think there is much overlap.

I now have a myriad of new excuses for why I am not able to run outside:
  • I am boogerific. For those of you who are blessed and do not have allergies, you may not know what it is like to be boogerific. It is the state of being in which your cranium has a very high mucus to brain ratio. I think mine is currently 3:1...Mucus is winning.
  • The pollen in the air is giving me a rash on my face. If I don't look good at the end, it ain't happening.
  • I am way too tired from work. The teens on my campus (think alternative high school) are extra cranky and work resistant due to spring fever. I think they might even be in heat, but I'm not going to do any studies to follow up on that statement, so don't ask.
  • I am obsessed with World of Warcraft. I must get my character past sergeant! I've been playing most evenings for at least 45 minutes and doing battlegrounds whenever I can. I need to kill those stupid Alliance characters and build honor within my army, but I digress. (And I'm going to play when I get home tonight!)
  • I need, need, need new running shoes. Like now. I have not one dime to put towards this for another couple of weeks.

If, on the off chance I develop more excuses as to why I am not running outside, I will surely keep you all updated!

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