Monday, May 08, 2006

Season Goal

I am lacking a season goal. I still have no races planned for this season. My training is stuck at gym machine cardio and weight lifting. Granted, I am getting stronger my the moment, and I'm likely to hulk out of my button down workshirts (as if) It's infuriating that not only do I not have a race to train for, but I am lacking the motivation to really *find* one. How lame is that?

And, on the weight watchers front, I did lose 1.8 last week, but 1.6 of that was an earlier gain! Huh? Can we agree on the degree of lameness on that, too?

I really shouldn't get down on myself about it, but I'm trying to be my own drill sergeant. I'm finding it difficult to intimidate myself. ..I might need to hire one....

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