Tuesday, September 16, 2008

we never once talked about a blow dryer

I am resorting to using the Subject-o-Matique on yahoo to get blog titles. It works for me, so I'm going with it.
Alexander is now 6 weeks old. I can't believe that 6 weeks has flown by already! And strangely, it seems as if he's always been around. I don't know what I would do if he weren't.
Last night he went to bed at midnight, which is a little late for him, but he was a tad fussy and at this point in his life, I like to go with the flow. This morning I woke up at 6:30 and I freaked. I ran over to his bed and put my hand on his belly...and yes, he was breathing. He has never slept more than 5 hours straight before, and 6 and a half hours is quite a jump!
I had my 6 week post-partum check up yesterday and all is well. My doctor did advise me to stay home from work for another week because of the c-section, so instead of going back to school this Thursday, I go next Thursday. I'm glad that I have plenty of sick days to cover the extra time and still have some left over in case I get sick during the winter.
Tomorrow night is the big WW night. I've decided to go back to the Wednesday night meetings, even though they is a big gap between work and the meeting, but I figure I can pick up the little guy and go grocery shopping during that gap as there is an A&P down the road from the WW center.


totegirl said...

Yay, another week with the little guy! Woohoo!

Seriously, he is just so dang adorable! I love him!

Good luck with WW. I miss it bad, but finances just won't allow it. :(

Cory said...

He is so cute! Glad to hear everything is going well and that he slept a good bit last night.
Good luch with WW.

Elephant Steps said...

Thanks for the tip on the snap and go. I had seen them, but didn't realize what they were for. I'm not due till March, but my MIL offered to buy the stroller now, and I didn't want to risk not getting it.
Hooray for another week with the little guy. He is just so darn cute, I can tell he is gonna be a handsome one when he grows up!!
Good luck with WW, I actually miss it. I miss the meetings, and I guess the socialize aspect of it. Plus I am sick of being hungry all the time. I don't want to be an eating machine anymore. Hahaha. And it's not because I'm afraid to gain weight, oh no I am fine with that, I'm just plain sick of food!