Thursday, September 04, 2008

A brief update

I thought about what Kelly told me in her comment from my last post "Don't push yourself too hard with the weight loss. You did just bring forth a human being, after all..." I decided not to go back to WW just yet; to wait at leasat until I get the thumbs up from my doctor at my 6 week check-up. And even then might be too soon. I'm still not producing a lot of milk, so I've been trying to eat every 3 hours while I'm awake and drink tons and tons and tons of water and skim milk. Once I get my body doing what it needs to do for Alexander and I've got it under control, then I can work on what I need to do for me. I just feel blah when I look down and see my lovely stretch marks and the glorious roll of fat around my waist that is a nice awning to my c-section scar. Strangely, I don't actually feel all that bad about it. Thank God Chris is a super nice guy and has said nothing about any of it. He just smiles a lot and scratches my back in the middle of the night when I get back into bed after feeding the baby. So there is no pressure from him.
Oooh, I also joined Facebook recently. That's a ton of fun. I didn't realize how many people I haven't seen in a thousand years are on there! I have been in contact with old high school friends, old college buddies, my friend Amazon Hillary who now lives in Hawaii. Very cool!


Kelly said...

I had no idea my comment would impact you so much, but I'm glad you're taking care of you and Alexander first and foremost.

Facebook is a lot of fun - although beware, it's addictive. :) I've hooked up with so many random people from high school and college.

Sarah said...

I found once I had been nursing for a couple of months that I could not eat enough, and could not even keep weight on, so there is that to hopefully look forward to. I heard there is this tea to drink to help with milk production, I dont remember what it is called, but it may be worth asking the doctor about. Finally, if there are any moms groups in your area, I would totally recommend joining them. I went to one from the hospital and it was fabulous. I wish I would have started going earlier. I waited until Ian was about 4 months old, but lots of other women started when their babies were only a couple weeks old. Most of them are free and meet on a weekly bases and are a great support mechanism.

Jenn said...

Congrats on the birth of your son. He's a cutie! Enjoy every minute with him.

You are probably making more milk than you realize. Remember that baby's stomach is only about the size of his fist, so he won't need much at each feeding. However, if you are feeling the need for a little help, there are a lot of supplements for milk production. Milkmaid Tea from Earth Mama Angel Baby is pretty good. Mother's Milk Tea from Traditional Medicinals is easier to find (most grocery stores with a natural foods section will carry it) also works well. There are also tinctures you can take containing Fenugreek, such as the Motherlove More Milk Tincture. If you can find an independent lactation consultant or midwife, they can probably help better with this than a hospital supported one.

Cory said...

He's adorable!!!! Good decision on waiting for the doctor's checkup on going back to WW. It won't hurt you to wait a little longer. It's great that Reuben has adjusted so well too.

Happy Cathy said...

I LOVE this picture of Alexander. I had to run and show AAron. All the pictures are adorable, though! He is too darn cute!!!!!!! Yes, I used several exclamation marks because he is too darn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!