Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Everything is fine! I promise!

Alexander is now 8 weeks old! The doctor measured him at 14 pounds and 25 inches long. This kid is a bruiser and he's only getting bigger!

He's been trying to get his thumb in his mouth with limited success. He gets it in there about once every 25 attempts. I think he'll figure it out. His biggest issue is he doesn't realize that in order to get the thumb in his mouth he has to not enclose it within the rest of his fingers.

Alexander is also smiling now, not just for gassy reasons. It's so much fun trying to get him to smile...sometimes he giggles, too and it's extra fun! I didn't think he cold get any cuter, but it happened.

In Alanna news, Weight Watchers is going okay. Week one went well, week two is not so great. I think I have lost weight, but I haven't been tracking. It's been a bad WW week...I had to go back to work, and my favorite Aunt has been in the hospital in another state and we've been going to visit her, so eating has not been the best, but I've been trying to make the best decisions available.

This is just a picture of Alexander wearing Reuben's ear like a hat. I couldn't help it, I had to do it!


Happy Cathy said...

I hate to be repetitive, but he is absolutely adorable. I can't get enough of Alexander. Keep sending and posting pics!

Kelly said...

I adore that picture of Chris and Alexander.

Good luck with the WW! I know it's tough when life gets in the way of us being healthy.

Twisted Cinderella said...

Oh he is adorable!