Wednesday, September 10, 2008

an update in bullets

Things here are going along nicely. Alexander is taking a nap and I'm not sure how much longer I've got, so I'm going to do the bulleted list thing. Here goes:

  • I'm starting to get itchy when it comes to joining Weight Watchers. I know that this itchiness/motivation will last 3 weeks and then I'll get complacent again. I know this, and I must plan for it. Perhaps I will do points, which I haven't done in years, just to keep myself honest.
  • My brothers have decided that Alexanders nickname should be officially "Boom Box"
  • I was told by a 6 year old that Alexander has "perfect rock and roll hair"
  • Breastfeeding has gotten easier. We're doing about 50% nursing and 50% formula. I nurse first at every feeding and then most of the time he gets formula after...especially at night to help him sleep longer.
  • Alexander sleeps a good four hours at a time. During our middle of the night feeding, he falls asleep while feeding, so I don't have an issues getting back to bed myself! Yay for me!
  • We are still not in the new house. My new washer and dryer have been delivered and installed. I can not wait to do my own laundry in my brand new LG machines!
  • I go back to work Thursday the 18th. Boo! Hiss! Waaaaaaah!!!!


Elephant Steps said...

He totally had perfect rock n roll or punk rock hair! He is so adorable!!

Elephant Steps said...

he has not had oops!

Cory said...

Definitely perfect rock and roll hair!
Glad things are going so well.

totegirl said...

Oh, precious boy! I wish I won the lottery so you could stay at home with Boom Box! But I'm sure your kiddos miss you, Ms. Alanna!