Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cootie Box Central

My apartment is cootie head quarters. Poor Chris has the flu. I took him to the doctor on Tuesday. Since then, he has gotten worse. He developed a horrid sore throat and a choking his fever has gone up from an average of 100 to 102. Not cool. I took the day off from work to keep an eye on him because I've never seen him so sick (scary!) and I took him back to the doctor. Doc put him on anti-biotics because he's afraid Chris might be developing a secondary infection so the anti-biotics are a precaution. Meanwhile, Chris has to sleep on the couch (doctor's orders) and I'm not allowed to spend time with him. And if I go near him, I have to wash my hands (obviously). As a result I have old lady hands. I'm serious. My hands do not look a day under 80 years old. I've been using Gold Bond Foot cream on them. I figure if it can soften crack feet, it'll do a number on my hands. It does work.

So, I've got Chris on the couch, I've got Reuben who wants to be on the couch, but can't because 1) Chris is taking up the entire couch and 2) I'm Reu's primary caretaker, and sole caretaker now that Chris is ill and I can't have influenza cooties on the dog who will be sleeping with me because I'm the best human ever in his eyes.

I hope all these precautions are going to keep me form getting the flu because apparently, there is nothing that pregnant women can take for the flu...except for tylenol. Chris is miserable with alka-seltzer with tylenol taken intermittenly with advil. Can you imagine having an extra horrible flu and all you can take is plain tylenol? Not even Tylenol Pm so you can sleep through most of it? Frightening.

So as a result of all this I canceled all our plans for the weekend. Out for Mexican with my parents? Canceled. UFC at his boss' house? Canceled. SuperBowl at CA and Mikes (with Baby Kyle)? That's a super big CANCELED! Who wants to feel responsible for giving an infant the flu. Not me.

Hope all of you are well...or are on the mend, Marta!

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