Saturday, January 26, 2008

Isotonic v Hypertonic

I've been doing a little sinus rinse research (of all things) and discovered that with my rinse kit I can do 2 types of rinses: isotonic or hypertonic. Isotonic has the same salt levels as you body and is good just for a general rinse and stimulation of cilia. Hypertonic is more salt than your body and is recommended if you're having sinus issues or if you want to wash out pollen, dust or mucus from your sinuses. It'll also relieve inflammation. I've done isotonic for 2 days now, and thought to myself, "Hey! If isotonic is doing a good job, think of what hypertonic could do for me and my disgusting snot filled sinuses"

I read the instructions on the box for making the hypertonic solution (easy...3 packets instead of 1). Proceeded to prep the water...waited for it to cool. Jammed the sinus thing in my nose and BURN! Weird,I thought to myself, same temp as last night's isotonic. I told myself I'd wait 5 minutes for the water to cool. So, 1 minutes later (I was reading blogs) I rammed the nasal thing in my nose and BURN! Ummmm, it didn't occur to me that more salt would burn. Duh! I am feeling clear and my nose running like a champ complete with sinus clear out. Yes!

Moral of the story...although hypertonic rinses don't tickle and actually burn like sticking a soldering iron in your nose, it's well worth it when you're suffering anyway.

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