Saturday, September 22, 2007

I heart Core!

I guess it might be just me, but Core is totally awesome. I forgot how good I feel when I'm right on track. the pic to the left is of my snack today. I made myself polenta chips and ate them them with salsa from Trader Joe's that has jicima and cucumber in it...yummers! I guess I'm becoming "hard core" so to speak.

I have 10 points left for the week (more when I start back at the gym on Monday...yay me!)...and I am fine with that. I had a great dinner out last night, and that's more important than the number of points I have left...right?

I also want to thank everyone for their ring suggestions. I'm still tossing around a few ideas. Once I make a decision, I'll let ya'll know. However, if anyone else wants to make a suggestion..please feel free.

Lastly. tomorrow is the day I'm going to take my measurements. I figure every other Sunday will be good enough for now. I don't want to upset myself...

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TrixieBelden said...

your snack pic looks fabulous and reminds me that i desperately need to go to the grocery store before my usual tuesday trip :)

i think taking your measurements once every two weeks on sundays sounds like a good plan. i tried to start doing that when i started kim's challenge, but i didn't keep it up. don't make the same mistake i made!