Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Can't Keep Up!

I can not wait to get completely back into the swing of things here at work. I'm struggling to get it all done. I know, I know, it's a working woman's cliche, but it's so true. I'm tired all the time because I'm not used to the sleep schedule yet. What's worse is that I went to VA over the weekend to visit with old family friends, but more on that later. I'm trying desperately to get back into the Core thing....I did pack lunch today and I've been good at keeping core foods in my work fridge. I'm hoping that it'll start to get easier at least some of the time instead of being hard all of the time. So I'm back to tracking my food. I'm trying to make use of my Komen Pink Ribbon pen as a physical reminder that by losing the weight again I reduce my chances of getting breast cancer, and that if I do get it, I'll be healthier and have a greater chance of kicking it. (I don't think I've ever mentioned it here, but my maternal grandmother died from breast cancer)

There are good bits to work. I now carpool with my baby brother, Ian, who got a job as a 1 to 1 teachers aid at another division of my school system. He's working with elementary school kids who have emotional disturbance. He started yesterday. Lucky for me, his school building is a block away from Starbucks, so I'm not really going out of my way at all!

Although I complained about the lack of sleep I got from going to VA this past weekend, it was wonderful to visit with old friends. They're a couple that my family used to go stay with every summer when I was a kid. Bill went through school with my dad and they were the best of friends. Bill met Sue when he was in college. They both have art degrees and are artisan leather workers. They things they make are amazing.
I'm also hopping on the band wagon when it comes to taking pictures of what I'm eating. I'll do it was much as I can and I'm not going to chastise myself if I don't get it done. It's a fun little project is all, and it could possibly help in the future when I can't decide what to eat...I can go back and look and perhaps psyched myself into eating something that's good for me...

Breakfast was fat free, plain Greek style yogurt with ground flax (I count that as core) and a FF latte from Starbucks.

For lunch I had whole wheat pasta with tomatoes, broccoli, red pepper flakes and a tsp of EVOO.

Oh, and the cleanse is a 2 week cleanse for those of you who asked.


Cory said...

I think using that pen is a wonderful idea. My paternal grandmother died from breast cancer, so I'm very aware of that.

jodi said...

i was thinking about switching to core, how do you like it so far? email your thoughts here --> jodidesign2 at yahoo.com

totegirl said...

I have a pen sort of like that! Me likey! So, yeah, it's hard. Damn it all. But onward we go. I like your pictures! Your lunch looks yum!