Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Chub Rub

I was just commenting to Marta's blog The PudgeBudge when I realized 2 things....I haven't posted in about forever, and I hate that. Especially since my comment to Marta was that I missed her because she's been too busy to post in about 2 days...then I realized that I'm not the only one hangin' out here sometimes. Yikes! What if someone out there misses me? It may not be true, but then again, I have sitemeter, so I know someone is lookin' around for new stuff! So here I am.

The other thing (I've actually been thinking about for days) is: How I hate the chub rub! I am so tired of having my thighs touch to the extent that they do. When I was younger, and more athletic, and 124 pounds my thighs still touched...but it was more of a brush than a touch. I'm tired of not just the thighs, but there are other areas where chub rubs me the wrong way. I hate it and it stinks. I'm ready to start again. I've been sitting at the weight all summer and it needs to start coming off. I need to set up a better plan of action. I need to get out my crock pot and make some really yummy soup. I need to cook more than 97% fat free hot dogs. It's got to get better than this...especially the internal pity party.

I need to make myself something I can hold in my hand that could symbolize the chub rub for when I have weak moments. I'm not sure what this item is going to be, but I'm going to figure something out. I think I need some suggestions from you what do you think my chub rub symbol should be?

I'm working at the library at the moment; it's my first Sunday since June, so I might be posting again as I sit here and agonize over what I'll be doing to start taking the chub rub away.


Cory said...

You know, that's a great idea to make something to symbolize everything for you. I can't think of anything right now, but I'll keep thinking on it for you.

TrixieBelden said...

hey there, i feel the same way about posting - i missed you, but i was guilty of not posting too. i think fall is a weird time when people are getting back into a new schedule.

as for your symbol, my idea is to buy a bracelet that you can look at and have it remind you of your overall goal. it doesn't have to have little thigh charms on it, not that i even think those exist :), but something that you can wear every day that the "weight" of will remind you of your ultimate priorities.

i'm totally curious to hear what you decide to get!

totegirl said...

I've been trolling around your site, I admit it! I'm glad you're back, and I appreciate your insights. Thanks buddy!

I'm having the same problem with the chub rub issue. I wore my snazzy purple pants last Saturday. I finally took them off when they drew blood. Yes, they drew BLOOD. I now have a scab right next to my belly button/cavern. I'm sick of this excess weight.

I don't know what your symbol is, but when you figure it out, I may adopt it.

Kevin said...

I was just cruisng around and started reading your blog. I think you should combine the monkey you made your brother with a hotdog--an evil hotdog!!! I know that would do it for me!!! :)

Keep up the good writing. I enjoyed it.