Tuesday, April 18, 2006

To Race or Not To Race....

I've recently been struggling with finding races. Nothing seems to fit into my schedule, which is why this blog, instead of being the terrific triathlon training motivator that it was intended to be, is really just me complaining...a lot.

I have to decided how hard I want to search for a race. I don't train like I'm supposed to unless I have a goal...a race to scare me into working harder. Road races are easy to find,,in fact, I'll probably run the Mother's Day Race that my local running club does. That's not an issue. The issue is finding an appropriate triathlon that I can go to without much effort. My summer is chock full of other nonsense. I can't be driving all over the continent to a race and then ride home again. I've got 4 weddings to go to this summer! Talk about putting out cash! I don't even think I can afford to do a major race...no less spend money on gas and hotel!


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