Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Firewoman, you're to blame!

I am exhausted!

I blame it completely on Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy of The Cult...I mean, who knew that they could rock that hard on a school night? Yeah, I actually should have known because when I was in High School, on the other side of the desk, I saw them on a school night and they rocked hard then. I thought maybe the 15 year time span between concerts would show a difference in rock-atude, but I was mistaken. Thanks Billy and Ian for a righteous time.

However, I am now exhausted. I got home late Sunday night. Reuben did not want to cooperate sleep-wise. Don't let the photo of him sleeping fool you...he's really just getting ready to pounce when you're not looking. He's really sneaky that way.

Then last night I had a super calorie obsessed freak-out in my journal (no one wants to read that, by golly) because I deviated from my eating plan for the day. I think I can attribute some of that nuttiness to sleep deprivation. The other parts of the bonkers I have no excuse for, I'm just crazy is all.


crackmonkee said...

Your dog is soooooo cute! I love the colour!

Amazon Alanna said...

Thanks! Now that I can see it, your cat is pretty awesome, too.