Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Years and other nuisances

2006 is finally here and I've begun training. There, I've said it, it's out there and now everyone knows....well, as of yet, I've had no blog visitors, so only I know, but that's okay.

2006 is starting out okay with me. I rang in the New Year at a Black crows concert with my husband, father-in-law, and Kate Hudson. Granted, Kate Hudson was actually on stage, but she was there and I feel honored. We were 23 rows back with a perfect view of the Crows. The appeared to be about 9 inches tall, and the sound mix was perfect from where we sat.

The people-watching was excellent. There were tons of dudes with bunny ear dreads, dancing funky, getting chased around by the MSG security. The guy sitting next to me was doing all sorts of drugs during the show and did kick me softly as he was crawling over his seat after a beer run. He was really quite nice for a guy who was drunk and stoned, so that's fine by me.

At 1:45, when we came out of Madison Square Garden, I had my fist food of the New Year. A NYC favorite of many, a dirty water hotdog from a cart. Not the best way to start out the new year, but hey, when you're in Manhattan, you have to eat one. It's a rule for those of us who love hot dogs and don't live or work in the city.

New Years day, we ate with my parents and one of my many brothers. A feast of lamb, wine and darts.

I fully planned for yesterday to be my "great" beginnings. Chris, my husband, and I went for an Indian lunch. Somehow, a ton of Kheer (rice pudding) jumped into my stomach. Oh well, some things can't be avoided. I did run yesterday...

Yeah, I ran yesterday. In the rain. Two miles, in the cold rain. I was the only one out except for two other people walking their dogs. My dog was smart. He refused to go out in the rain. This rain has since turned into enough snow and ice to have my school day canceled. And I went running in it. Yetch.

I'm not sure what is in store for me today, but either I will make it to the gym later and get in a swim, or once Chris gets home, I'll have him help me set up the trainer...or really move his drums so I can set up the trainer....

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